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Fire Dawg Grafix is your one stop shop offering you custom license plates, custom labels, custom maltese crosses, decals, bumper stickers, regular stickers and more. Regardless of your custom label needs - Fire Dawg Grafix has the solution for you! Let our professional team of custom plate, label, decal and sticker specialists help you with your needs.

Custom Licence Plates
Our Custom Plates are made of aluminum and we only use high quality White Reflective Vinyl. Choose from a wide variety of colors, outlines and shadows. Contact us for quantity discounts.

Custom Labels
We print your custom labels and stickers quickly, we print them in high quality color. You can order small quantities of your custom labels and stickers at affordable prices. The quality is amazing; you won’t believe how good your custom labels and stickers look!

Custom Maltese Cross/Gold Leaf Maltese Cross
You customize it, change the text and you choose your color. uses high quality vinyl with a large number of vibrant long lasting colors for you to choose from. Each cross is approximately 6”high by 6” wide. Contact us for quantity discount.

Stickers, Decals & Bumper Stickers
Our stickers are printed on high quality vinyl. There are tons of titles to choose from. If you don’t see your title here, just contact us and we will make it for you.

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create maltese cross
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